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Having run her own salon in Sydney for 20 years, Jodie is now calling the Sunny Coast home, having made the move from Sydney a couple of years ago. With 30 years of experience in the industry, Jodie specialises in all things colour. She has won awards, trained many emerging stylists, worked with designers at Fashion Week, and has been published in magazines both nationally and internationally.

Believing that continued education is key to creating beautiful hair and responding to her clients’ requests keeps her fresh and on point, continuing the love she has for her craft. One of the most important parts of any hair service is communication. During the consultation, Jodie will work with you to design the colour and style that you are wishing to achieve, combined with advice and knowledge on how to keep it looking fresh.

She has a particular love for high-impact blondes and natural, believable colour combined with wearable hair that is easily maintained. When she’s not in the salon, you will find her listening to music and enjoying the sunshine with her dachshund, Frankie.



Originally from New Zealand, Kaye has called the Sunny Coast home for many years. With over 30 years of experience and a love of short hair and textured cuts, Kaye is a master with the razor.

Striving to keep things fresh for her clients, Kaye’s love for the unique shows in her endless ability to keep reinventing her clients’ looks. Her dedication to the art of hair makes her a powerhouse of all things creative.

Her creativity doesn’t just extend to hair; in her free time, she is a jewellery designer, creating beautiful pieces combining gemstones and fine silver in a beautiful union of form, shape, and colour, which fits perfectly with her approach to hair. A perfect day off for Kaye will find her in the garden, tending lovingly to her own piece of paradise.



Born and bred on the Sunny Coast, Tracey is a gem. With close to 10 years of experience, her colour work is sublime. Tracey’s attention to detail shows in her love of creating seamless colour, combined with her ability to incorporate the balance needed to create perfection with her cutting and styling.

With great attention and care, Tracey excels at creating the full experience for her clients. Believing that communication is key, she listens to her clients’ needs and tailors her approach to ensure that she hits the brief every time. From beautiful creamy blondes to multi-dimensional brunettes and everything in-between, she has the ability to create a colour and style that is personalised just for you. Her ideal Sunday is spent enjoying the sunshine with a cheeky daiquiri by the pool.


Emerging Stylist

One of our emerging stylists, Laura, is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Having worked on a couple of photoshoots, she took the skills she had learnt and put them to good use. She entered a national competition for her peers within the industry, where she showcased her abilities by creating a look that combined colour with cut, and she was named a national finalist.

Laura loves to challenge herself and has a thirst for education and everything this industry has to offer. Laura’s approach to colour and styling is a collaboration between the client’s needs and her knowledge, ensuring the right services and products are recommended to achieve a smile every time.

With a love of the arts and drawing inspiration from the beauty that surrounds us, Laura’s creativity knows no bounds. A perfect weekend for Laura looks like a walk on the beach and a view from a mountain top.


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