For Jodie, the inspiration for “Alchemy” was the world around her, inspiring her to see hair as an organic material to simulate the incredible elements that surround us.
The collection is heavily influenced by light and the impact that this can play on hair, whether subtly changing colours or casting shadows and illumination to highlight and transform certain areas and accents. The landscape of the desert and the incomparable golden desert light were particular sources of inspiration, combined with gold in all it’s forms as seen in the decadent Dolce and Gabbana A/W 13 collection.
Desert light is an almost mythical entity that can’t be truly captured in words. It’s the light at early morning and late afternoon, the soft, warm light when the sky is lit up in seemingly impossible combinations of colours. The explosions of vibrant colour provided by the native desert flowers in the stark landscape are then in shocking contrast to the vista.

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